Email Marketing Course-get-access – 8 Minutes Yoga

Email Marketing Course-get-access

Does Email Marketing Stress You Out?

Get your FREE Email Marketing Course

This simple course will teach you how to leverage the power of email marketing to sell out your offerings and create the lifestyle you deserve! You only need to invest 8 minutes a day to get started 🎉

This FREE Course will help you:

Understand the power of email marketing & why it’s better than social media

Authentically speak to your ideal customers using emails

Start building and growing your email list from ZERO

Write your first welcome email (with BONUS email templates)

Set up your Mailchimp account (if you haven’t done it yet)

Design your first beautiful email using Mailchimp

Learn to measure your campaigns to get the best results

Apply the knowledge and start your email campaign right away

 Go from struggling in your yoga business to THRIVING!