3 Simple Pranayama Techniques to Integrate in Your Yoga Class – 8 Minutes Yoga

3 Simple Pranayama Techniques to Integrate in Your Yoga Class

This course provides you with three simple and easy Pranayama techniques that you can deliver to your students during class, whether you are teaching asanas (physical practice) or meditation. Each class will break down one single technique at a time, explaining what it is and how to practice it, its benefits and drawbacks, how long each technique should take in order to feel its effects, when it is recommended to practice it, how to make sure your students will get it right, and lastly how to gain confidence when teaching these techniques.
Alice · February 10, 2020

This course is for everyone who is willing to take their yoga knowledge further and for those teachers who would like to bring something alternative and engaging to their students. Often, Pranayama is seen as something uncomfortable to do in front of a class full of people. Learning how to break the barriers of Pranayama will not only benefit your students but will create a much more comfortable environment in class and a stronger relationship between students and the teacher.

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