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Our Yoga Office Services

Here’s how our yoga professionals help you


We create websites

We’ll boost your exposure and increase the visibility of your yoga business by helping you to create your dream website.

We write newsletters

We’ll get your story and offers out to your community with newsletters and blog articles.


We do social media

We’ll maintain your social media channels, help you engage your community, and keep them up to date with your business.

Endorsed by established yoga business coaches


Susanne Rieker


Alice Maisetti


Elnura Ashimova


Paloma Neumann


Patricia Bohl


Amanda Kingsmith

Our E-Learning Platform

Get the tools to turn your yoga passion into an income in eight minutes videos.

  • Class Tipps

  • This course provides you with three simple and easy Pranayama techniques that you can deliver to your students during class, whether you are teaching asanas (physical practice) or meditation.

  • Online Yoga Tutorial

  • You will learn how to get started with your online yoga course. How to select a title to create an outline, check your sound, make sure your lighting is optimal for your first yoga video.

  • Podcast Tutorial

  • If you have been wanting to launch a podcast, but have no idea how to get started, this course is for you! In this course, you will learn how to create and launch a podcast from a fellow yoga teacher and podcast host.

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